<h2>PAN CHEM CORPORATION</h2> <h3>Company Name:</h3><p>PAN CHEM CORPORATION</p> <h3>Tel:</h3><p>91-9820530635</p> <h3>Fax:</h3><p></p> <h3>Email:</h3><p></p> <h3>Website:</h3><p>www.panchemcorp.com</p> <h3>Country:</h3><p>India</p> <h3>State:</h3><p>Maharashtra</p> <h3>City:</h3><p>Mumbai</p> <h3>Zip/Postal Code:</h3><p>400020</p> <h3>Address:</h3><p>Kapur Mahal, 2nd Floor, Block No. 18-B, 65 Marine Drive</p> <h3>Main Product:</h3><p>Ferrous Sulphate, Manganese Sulphate Contractor Bags, Drum Liners, Trash Bags Common Nails, Plastic Strip Nails Wire Coiled Nails, Anchor Bolts Sulphuric Acid, Oxalic Acid Calcium Nitrate, Potassium Nitrate</p> <h3>Company Profile:</h3><p><p>Pan Chem Corporation (PCC) is one of the preferred players in the export markets when it comes to providing Chemicals,&nbsp;Plastic products and Bathroom accessories. We partner with our customers, in order to simplify, strengthen and transform their businesses, by assuring time bound deliveries and providing competitively priced products of the highest quality.</p> <p>Being a conglomerate entity, we offer a wide gamut of products,including Chemicals, Plastic products,&nbsp;Bathroom accessories, etc., used for multiple applications and in several countries.We are a vision and technology driven company, consistently analyzing and catering to our customers' needs by combining science, innovation and understanding.Our capabilities include manufacturing high-value products, based on either our own end products or products developed especially for our customers.</p> <p>PCC is well poised to cater to the diverse needs of a wide spectrum of industries due to its world-class infrastructure, R&amp;D focus, contract manufacturing expertise and global quality adherence. Through diverse, but focused businesses, we deliver various products and solutions of the utmost quality to global markets.</p> <p>Founded in 1984 by Mr. Kirit Shah, Pan Chem started its enduring journey as a marketer and distributor of chemical products. Due to the immense success of this project and the confidence our customers reposed in the company, we began to engage and venture into manufacturing different kinds of products. Today, Pan Chem, at present, is a conglomerate entity which caters to a plethora of industries by providing chemicals, plastic products,and Bathroom accessories. We have a customer-focused approach that extends beyond distribution and reducing the total cost of the buyer's operation&nbsp;. We provide exceptional value to the industry's leading products as a result of long standing partnerships with innovative and progressive manufacturing facilities that deliver top-tier quality.</p> <p>Being an ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company, it is the ethos at Pan Chem that the quest for quality is unending and the objective of every new endeavor is to outdo the previous one.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p></p>